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    Who’s recovering? People with jet-lag. Some of the world’s best athletes. Stressed-out 9-5er’s... Yes, an ‘on-demand’ recovery hub fits into a lot of situations. Good news - RēCOVER can go anywhere you need it to be.
    Beyond the TreaTMents we offer, partnering with RēCOVER means working with our Tēam, which is intentional with everything we do, from the way we put on a pair of compression sleeves to having contact solution at the ready if you’re taking a power nap. Working with us means you won't have to stress about creating a 'recovery room' yourself.
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    Which TreaTMents?
    The technology offering for your event is curated based on available space. The modalities we utilize are focused on two main areas of recovery: RēSTORE Your Body (Muscle Soreness, Muscle Tweaks, Fatigue) and RēBOOT Your Mind (Sleep, Stress, Mental Wellness)
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