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    It’s time for
    the office to meet
    the recovery studio. 
    | ReCOVER belongs in the workplace |
    We’re installing recovery studios in the workplace. Our goal: revolutionize the way people work. Employees need access our comprehensive system: Research-backed recovery technology, recovery programs and our Tēam, which will be there all day to deliver 5-star service. "A recovery studio in the office" sounds like something your workplace needs. Let's chat about how it works.
    *Recovery Studio: A location where you can use recovery technology to mitigate performance stressors.
    What we provide
    Between 8-12 Recovery Modalities
    Session Booking

    Schedule via Mindbody
    Email ReCOVER Team Member
    Consultations with RēCOVER Team Member
    Session Length: 10-60 minutes
    Booking + Scheduling Software
    Access to ‘Recovery Plans’
    Survey data collected post-session (optional)
    Educated Recovery staff
    Recovery tech + equipment
    Space design (collaborative)
    Utilization & Data Reporting
    Employees need ReCOVER - let’s chat about how it works
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