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    The RēCOVER Approach
    Revolutionize the way you Live, Work and Move.
    Our Tēam is personal, intentional and educated to facilitate a 5-star recovery experience. Our TreaTMents revolve around two dimensions of recovery: RēSTORE your Body and RēBOOT your Mind. We offer tried and true recovery technologies that have research-backed effects.

    RēSTORE your BODY

    • Muscle soreness
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle tweaks

    RēBOOT your MIND

    • Sleep
    • Stress
    • Mental wellness
    In 2018, we launched the world’s first Recovery Studio. Our brick and mortar location exceeded any expectations that we could have imagined. We’ve moved forward to bring RēCOVER to you.

    In the workplace, we're revolutionizing the employee experience with in-office recovery studios. When it comes to events, we collaborate with 'you' to provide a wellness differentiator for all participants.

    We have one goal in mind: Help people ReCOVER
    ReCOVER delivers wellness. Collaboration with forward-thinking brands is part of our DNA.
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